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Boulevard Art Publishers, Chicago Illinois. Creative Card Co. Southern Greetings, N. Hollywood "Easy Money! Big spare-time Money Maker!

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Western Stationery Co. Midwest Card Co. Regal Greeting Card Co. Ferndale Michigan.


Boulevard Art Publishers, Chicago Ill. Folks are Wild About!! Style Line Greetings, Minneapolis Minn. Stuart Greetings, Inc. Cardinal Craftsmen, Ohio.. What's New in Greeting Cards?? Arrow Greetings Minneapolis Minn. Midwest Card Company, St. Louis Mo.

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Wallace Brown Inc. Wallace Brown, Inc. New York NY. Colonial Studios, Inc. Puro Greetings, St. Something New and Sensational in Christmas Cards Hedenkamp and Co. Phillips Card Col. Palo Alto Cal and Newton Mass. Peerless Greetings, Chicago, Illinois "Enjoy pocketfuls of dollars Here in los angeles, we call it the Downtown renaissance. Over the past decade or so, Historic Downtown Los Angeles has been revitalized with a youthful new population that has brought with it a resurgence of fashion, culture, and the arts.

Designer and design historian Paul Shaw has enjoyed a career of more than three decades writing, researching, and teaching about the history of graphic design and typography. As our special guide, he will take us on a civic sightseeing adventure that is sure to bring the magic of urban lettering alive in all its multifarious splendor. Ever wondered about terrazzo letters?

Ever been curious about differences in the production and design aspects of old metal, plastic, and vinyl street and store signs? If so, then this is your kind of tour. Volunteers will have opportunities to meet many interesting fair visitors and vendors, discuss printing history interests, and work on a tabletop Albion handpress.

This fun and lively event, which is held at the International Printing Museum in Carson all day on Saturday, from 9 am to 4 pm, brings out a growing community of book arts and printing enthusiasts for a fun day of buying, selling, and printing. So join us for an hour or even two , assist visitors in printing their own keepsake on an Albion hand press [no previous experience required], and spend some time with living history.

Note: As a special bonus this year, current APHA members who work 2 or more hours at our table, will receive complimentary admission to the fair. The Museum is located at W.

Torrance Blvd. On Sunday, the 28 th we are encouraging chapter members, supporters, and friends to look us up on Facebook and Twitter and come and meet up with us throughout the evening for a group of sessions aimed at getting to better know each other.

Get lost upstairs in the book labyrinth, then select a dollar book, a special volume, a periodical, or a zine or something of that nature and come and discuss your selection with the group. Let us know what the choice conveys about you.

Call it an evening? Or join us for a nosh at the recently redeveloped Spring Street strip in between 5 th and 7 th street where you will have some free roaming time to indulge in the local cafes and eateries. Say goodnight to the group there? Or finish off the mixer with a nightcap of your favorite beer or cocktail at this unique bar that was tailor-made for book people.

This event is free and open to all. RSVPs are encouraged, though not required. Join us for a taste of L. International Printing Museum, W. Founded two years ago by Kevin Bradley, the Church of Type specializes in typographic posters and broadsides printed from wood and metal types. Now headquartered in Southern California, Kevin continues to redefine the way we think of letterpress.

There will be a chance to buy some posters too! Come stop by to say hello as you browse through an international selection of antiquarian books, ephemera, fine press printing, and modern firsts in the Pasadena Convention Center this weekend.

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A number of local special collection libraries and like-minded organizations will be there too. Once again, the Southern California Chapter will be at the Fair. We were escorted upstairs and into the Bancroft Library Press Room, a well-lit space outfitted with three Albion presses two of them are tabletop presses. Peter explained that the Bancroft Library was begun in , by its namesake, Hubert Howe Bancroft, a book dealer in San Francisco who began collecting in earnest after realizing that some early materials were unique, ephemeral, or overlooked.

Understanding that his accumulated collection was an important source of California and western history, and unable to find a publisher, he dedicated himself to a project that took almost 30 years and resulted in a thirty-nine volume history. He sold his collection to the University of California, making it the core collection of the library. Rare book acquisition began in under the aegis of the English Department. In the Press Room, we were shown some of the typecases filled with University of California Oldstyle, the proprietary face designed by Frederic Goudy in , as well as a Reliance press and the Albions mentioned above.

This, by the way, is how Butler and Johnston met and Poltroon Press was formed.

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Wesley Tanner was later hired after creative differences forced Frances and Alastair to move on. This teaching tool of over 5, items spans the history of communication and the transmission of the written word. Ranging from cuniforms to Apple computers, the collection was started over 50 years ago and organized by former rare book librarian, Leslie Clark.

We then stopped in the Reading Room to see how scholars are currently using the collections for their own research and projects.

The afternoon at the Bancroft wrapped up with a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of the Technical Services area where we could see the numerous objects being cataloged, processed, and preserved by the Berkeley librarians. She gave us a brief introduction to the CHS before leading us into the library. Mary, Jaime, and Alastair had picked out some of their favorite items and publications that they knew would be of particular interest to the group.

The samples were pulled from both the type specimen and ephemera collections. The Kemble Collection is an invaluable resource to everyone interested in printing history. More than one of us decided that working at CHS is our new dream job. Cary, Jr. He wins the award for Fearless Leader since he flew out from Chicago specifically for the Lieberman Lecture and for the mixer, then turned around and flew back to Chicago the same day!! The plates and glasses were filled well into the night and the bonds between the chapters have definitely been strengthened. The Northern California chapter will be meeting in August to plan future programs and hold an election for officers.

We hope that one of their activities will be field trip to Southern California! Her working sketches, photographs, keepsakes, and other printed works, as well as a portrait of Walter were on view. Our trip to the San Francisco Bay Area was fun and educational. SoCal officers ending our trip with more books! What have been the transformative moments in printing history that have changed the direction of printing, typography, papermaking, bookbinding, or book design, and moved us to a new edge?

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Complete Details. Thanks to the Museum, attendees got a chance to pull a print on a 19th century tabletop Albion. Pack your baskets, shake out your blankets and join us for a family-friendly picnic in beautiful Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area! There will be recreations to challenge both the head and the hand. A grand prize will be awarded to the person with the most points.