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Eyewitnesses stated that the man, with his hands raised in surrender after having been pursued by a police patrol car, was alighting from a Buick sedan when he was shot. When a crowd gathered to protest, police reinforcements arrived and clubbed the protesters. Several witnesses went to Harlem Hospital where the man lay bleeding. Evidence was also given that the Brandford, Fla. According to the evidence, McFadden, who had left his home to buy groceries, was put into a car and driven in the direction of the river. His body was discovered by two fishermen, and the date of the lynching was fixed by the authorities as approximately September The Suwanee grand jury refused to indict any of the three.

He was charged with arresting McFadden, beating him with a whip and pistol and making him jump in the river. Nicey Brown of Selma, Alabama, was beaten to death by a drunken policeman who was off duty.

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He beat her over the head with a bottle. The officer was acquitted in November, , by an all-white jury which deliberated a few minutes. Supreme Court freed a Baker County, Ga. Hall had been arrested at his home near Newton, Georgia, on January 29, The next day the sheriff and two other whites beat him about the head with a blackjack until he fell unconscious. His death occurred soon afterwards. November 1.

No action was taken against the policeman either by the grand jury or by the police department. November Claire Pressley, war veteran, was killed in Johnsonville, South Carolina. As he stepped off the train in Johnsonville on his way to Hemingway, S. Pressley offered no resistance to arrest, but as he was being marched down the street, the policeman suddenly pulled the trigger of his gun and killed the Negro veteran.

Eric L. Earl J. Carroll of San Francisco. General Eisenhower ordered an investigation into the death. A grand jury in December, , freed the white man. A third Negro was wounded and a fourth was hounded out of town.


The white policeman who was the murderer was known. Jesse Hightower was also murdered. Ed Day Gary, a veteran, had one eye shot out. December While the Shorts were away, people broke into their home, sprayed the interior with an inflammable chemical, and left. When the.

Shorts returned, the father struck a match, and the lamp fuel, believed to be kerosene, exploded. All four were fatally burned. He was organizing workers, particularly Negroes, against a 12 hour working day and 50c per hour pay.

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The confessed slayer was set free. However, another version stated that Allen was unarmed; that the officers dragged Allen from his cab and shot him in a vacant lot. Nevertheless, the U. Supreme Court twice denied his appeals, and the state parole board refused to pardon him or commute his sentence. February 5. Charles Ferguson and his brother, Alfonso Ferguson. A third brother, Seaman Third Class Joseph Ferguson was wounded in the shoulder and thrown into the brig, while a fourth brother, Richard Ferguson was arrested and sentenced to days in jail.

The brothers had protested jim crow at a local cafe, where the proprietor had refused them service because they were Negroes. Witnesses, including two white women, made affidavits that the brothers were not disorderly. An investigation ordered by Governor Dewey after five months of organized protest, whitewashed the police, the grand jury which refused to indict the policeman, and the District Attorney of Nassau County. February 9. Nathaniel Jackson was shot to death by a guard with a tommygun at the U.

Disciplinary Barracks at Granville, Wisconsin, after a group of prisoners complained that meat had been omitted from their lunch. Two other Negroes not named in newspaper accounts, were injured in the ensuing attack by guards. February The U. Supreme Court set aside the decision but Patton was again convicted at Meridian, Mississippi, in Sept. Police opened up with machine guns on the Negroes barricaded in their homes. Every Negro business establishment in the two black business areas was completely wrecked. The terror against the Negro community Mink Slide began officially the day before when Mrs.

Gladys Stephenson and her son James, a veteran, had an argument with a radio repair man. The repair man kicked and slapped Mrs. Stephenson and tore the sleeves out of her coat. Her son, James Stephenson, came to her defense and was arrested immediately and beaten by the police. As a lynch mob formed on Court Square, friends spirited James Stephenson and his mother out of the state and the Negro community prepared to defend itself from attack and prevent any lynchings from occurring.

A large number of Negroes were arrested and jailed. William Gordon and James Johnson were shot and killed on February 28 by police while they were being held in jail. Napoleon Stewart was also shot and wounded while in jail. The three were shot by five policemen at three-yard range. Gordon and Johnson might have been saved after the shooting had they been taken at once to the City Hospital. John Blackwell was nearly killed by police beatings. An all-white Maury County Grand Jury began to hand down indictments against members of the Negro community on March Subsequent legal events took place over a period of many months.

It was further proved by the defense that James Stephenson had been removed from the jail and sent out of the state only a short time before a lynch mob collected at the jail demanding his life; that the mob gathered at Court Square spoke openly of lynch plans. The defense also presented more than witnesses, Negro and white, to prove that Negroes are systematically excluded from the grand and petit juries of that county.

Together with his brother, Meron Long, also a veteran, and a cousin, Cosby Clay. Kenny Long was at a filling station drinking soda pop. A white lounger began to order Clay about, then called a police car. Meron Long and Cosby Clay were handcuffed, beaten and arrested. March They were charged with a pistol slaying, and indicted, tried and convicted—all in one day. The case was appealed to the Mississippi Supreme Court, which overruled a suggestion of error in the trial. They were refused a pardon by Governor Fielding Wright, and were executed. Valerie, France. The two were PFC.

They were shot dead while unarmed by two white guards posted at a Red Cross tent with orders to keep Negroes from talking to French girls employed there. Court-martial proceedings had absolved the killers. Duckett, formerly of the th cavalry, testified that there had been prejudice against Negro soldiers at the camp.

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He also stated that a French civilian employee on the post had told him that the guards had orders to prevent Negro GIs from talking with French women. Collins had been stationed at the naval ammunition depot. They declared that the city police carried on a veritable reign of terror against the Negro shore patrolmen; that on numerous occasions they swooped down on the Negro section, making searches and seizures without warrants. May 1. May The following day, May 19, Wilbur Bundley was killed by an officer. Nine witnesses stated that he was shot in the back while running. A few days later, Isaac Jackson was shot and killed by a policeman. A number of organizations began a protest against consistent police brutality in Baltimore. The killers had laid the corpse across the tracks of the Georgia Northern Railroad, but Matthews was already dead, killed with a blunt instrument. July A white soldier stated that he had seen Hicks slugged by two whites and left on the road.

There had been feeling against Negro soldiers at the field for some time. Then a force of white MPs, armed with guns, clubs, and tear gas, invaded the area. One MP carefully aimed and fired at a fleeing Negro soldier.