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So i strongly recommend, without a doubt, that you buy this title. And even if you don't own a PSP, my advice would be to go out and invest in this, for ones own pleasurably, and leisurely fun. This Game alone is wroth it, pure bliss Bonitao 30 April Mr-Fusion 10 January I'll say right now that I've had a LOT of fun with "Vice City Stories", and a huge part of the game's draw is returning to Vice City it was fun to witness the architectural changes in the prequel setting.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

A nice new addition was the Empire building feature, which spiced things up but still made it satisfyingly more-of-the-same. The soundtrack is again terrific, the satire and talk radio shows are as much fun as ever I need more Billy Joe and Bobby Ray and the story's a departure for GTA; sometimes it works, others not so much. But then they had to go and integrate Phil Collins into the actual story - a stroke of brillliance, and I love that Phil was down with this. Many hours of fun.

Anyone reading this will surely detest but I can't see why. What's wrong with this one, am I missing something or what?

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As far as the earlier GTA games go this is one of the best. At least you can fly planes in this one unlike GTA 4! The dialog is OK and the missions in this one are pretty interesting more than fun.

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It has a great story and introduces us to old friends like Phil Cassidy from the original "Vice City". The cars in this are basic, Vice City hasn't changed much but I'd rather this than a huge metropolis with nothing to do in it.

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The main playable character Victor Vance is not that good and they turned Lance Vance, a main character from the previous Vice City, into a jerk. But besides that this game is fun to play and I'd take it over GTA 4 with fine pleasure If you would like to see my top 3 GTA games list, all you have to do is type it up or check my account.

The Grand theft auto series is simple, straight up, Guilty fun. If you've played one grand theft auto game, you'll know what to do in the next one. Victor Vance is a soldier posted at Fort Baxter in vice city. He joined the army not to make something of himself, or to kill people for fun, he did it so he could support his dysfunctional family.

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There's not many faults about this game, except for the tough controls on the Psp i have yet to get used to the joystick and the annoying gang attacks once you've got your criminal empire built up. I mean the car stealing isn't as aggressive as in San Andreas and in San Andreas you can scale walls, you can't in this one but it still good.

One thing I have noticed is some of the missions are similar to San Andreas for instance the mission 'Jive Drive' is just like the San Andreas mission 'Just Business' and in this the las mission 'Last Stand' is like the first half of the last mission in San Andreas 'End of the Line'. It is quite funny, I think this is more funny than San Andreas. Oh by the way Vice means corruption so really they should call in Corruption City.

PlayerSS 25 March Comparing it to Vice City is fair though in my opinion seeing as how it's almost four years old. You follow the story of Lance and his brother Vic. Vic is a character that I never could fully like. Unlike CJ and Tommy. Vic is a nice man. Doesn't trash talk and always wants to do the right thing.

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  • There are some interesting characters in the game. Louise a redneck female that Vic gets to know adds something new to the series. That being a serious love interest for the main character. I was interested in that. Although it didn't go much of anywhere. All the rest of the characters are mostly returning characters from Vice City. The story was bland for a GTA game I do have to admit. Still passable, but bland by GTA standards. The gameplay is pretty much the same GTA free roaming gameplay we've come to know and love. Vic can only swim for a limited amount of time at the start and he can't dive underwater.

    He can't climb up over walls like CJ can. The flying vehicles control terribly.

    Codes for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

    I hated them The gameplay is a mixed bag if you're comparing it to Vice City. There's a lot of stuff I like that's been added like use of the golf course, but some of the vehicles don't control as well as they did in Vice City. Tires pop way too easily that's for sure. I found the soundtrack to be weak. Army Fatigues Beat the mission "Over the Top. Pastel Suit Beat the mission "Brawn of the Dead.

    Trailer Trash Clothes Beat the mission "D. Winner Outfit Beat the mission "Last Stand. Marquis Complete "From Zero to Hero" opposite first safehouse. Squallo Complete "From Zero to Hero" near second safehouse and junkyard. Commit Suicide right, right, circle, circle, L1, R1, down, x. Comments Read this article. Fortunately, even portable thugs have options in "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories" for the PSP, as there are a number of helicopters waiting to be used for either sightseeing or more nefarious deeds. Most of them can be acquired by legal means--well, as legal as the game usually is.

    Although it's possible to cheat to get yourself off the ground--and for the other helicopters, there are a few hints on places to look.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Cheats & Tips

    The only way to cheat your way into a helicopter is by hacking your game file. See Resources for information on the Cheat Device, which will allow you to do things like spawn a helicopter or make your cars fly. The installation instructions on this device is included on the website. Note that use of this program is not endorsed or supported by Rockstar or Sony, and may cause damage to your save file and possibly to your PSP.

    By exploring the city well, you may stumble onto a couple of helicopters simply parked and waiting to be "borrowed.