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Alorani was excluded from a draft version of the NRC, even though her sisters were included.


Anyone excluded from the final list has days to appeal against the decision through a foreigners tribunal, but campaigners say these bodies are vulnerable to political pressures and have produced arbitrary judgments. Teesta Setalvad, the secretary of Citizens for Justice and Peace, a group that is supporting affected communities, said the tribunals should be made more transparent, and that a more realistic deadline for appeals is needed.

The register was primarily targeted at people whom authorities describe as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, which shares a border with Assam. There is significant resentment towards immigration in the state, and there was an anti-migrant movement in the s.

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Amnesty International said it was unrealistic to expect people from the poorest communities, who may have been internally displaced by violence or natural disasters, to preserve half a century-old records. The process is also weighed against women, campaigners said, because they often lack access to necessary documents, and because the ones they do have are incorrectly given less weight by authorities.

There are concerns that Muslim communities could be worst affected.

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  • Nearly 2 million people in India have just been rendered stateless by a bureaucratic act.
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Separately from the register, the governing Bharatiya Janata party is pursuing a citizenship amendment bill, which aims to give citizenship to religious group such as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and others who are minorities in neighbouring countries — but not to Muslims. Topics India The Observer.

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South and Central Asia news. Reuse this content. Most popular. These committees help maintain the facilities and promote good hygiene to their fellow students. Most of the population of Sagar Island are subsistence farmers, fishers, or manual laborers.

All Are Stateless. Some Are Hopeless.

Sagar Island is prone to flooding and tidal surges, which can make providing water services particularly challenging. Sheohar is a rural district in the northern part of the country, and Water For People works in all five of its blocks. Most people in these densely populated blocks are day laborers and farmers. The level of poverty is very high. Rajnagar is a block in the Birbhum district of the state of West Bengal.

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Birbhum is a region prone to droughts, so rather than focusing on agriculture, most of the population produce handicrafts and bamboo products. Over half of the population belong to traditionally vulnerable and excluded groups. Patharpratima is susceptible to flooding due to being located in a river delta.

Most of the population works in agriculture, fishing, or manual labor.

Join hands in our fight to end poverty in India.

Chikhaldara is a block in the Amravati District of the state of Maharashtra. Most of the population of Chikhaldara belong to tribal communities, and the majority of families are farmers. The region has high levels of poverty and experiences widespread water shortages.

Population: 1. Water For People in India. Helping Indians bring water, sanitation, and hygiene to their communities.

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