List of sex offenders in valrico florida

There is no need to contact the police department upon receipt of this type of community alert. Do predators only commit crimes against children? Some predators' crimes involve adult victims as well.

Registered sex offender creates housing for fellow sex offenders

Can predators live near schools or daycares? Sometimes, yes. Each predator or offender's conditions are individually pronounced by judicial order, depending upon their individual crimes. What should I do if I receive a flyer about a predator or offender?

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Do not panic. The information is provided as a public service. Contact local law enforcement with your concerns. The Florida Sexual Predator Act states that all Sexual Predators, who committed their offense on or after October 1, , are subject to mandatory community notification and registration requirements.

The legislation also states that sexual offenders released from prison or Department of Corrections sanctions on or after October 1, , are subject to community notification at the discretion of the Chief or Sheriff of a jurisdiction.


In this way, the legislature allowed for local agencies to address individual public safety concerns regarding sex offenders on a case by case basis. These include:. External Links Disclaimer - This page may contain external links marked by an icon. That style has been employed by our firm from the day we earned our bar card and it has paid off for many of our clients. Sex Offender Registration is governed by Florida Statute This statute dictates that certain criminal convictions require that individual to register with the State as a sex offender regardless of whether his or her plea resulted in the Judge rendering an adjudication of guilt or withhold of adjudication.

That list of crimes is as follows:. This statute further calls for anyone convicted in another state of a crime similar to the ones listed above to register with Florida thereby allowing law enforcement to monitor their movement. Sex offender registration is taken very seriously in Florida.