Location of the big brother house

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For the first time, the living room, kitchen, and dining room will all share one cohesive theme—the Los Angeles skyline! The skyline will span 64' wide across the entire living space and 23' tall, all the way from the floor to the ceiling in the two-story space.

What's even more brilliant is the fact that the impressive 2,square-foot mural of the skyline is printed directly onto mirrored plexi-glass to create the sparkle of a night sky. The next "first" can be seen in the dining room.

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No, you're not seeing things. Instead of the usual round dining room table, these famous Houseguests will all be sitting around one that's square in shape.

This Is Where The New Big Brother House Could Be Located

The table serves up a formal look of gold flatware and deep green velvet chairs. Behind it, powder-coated cameras are mounted over tabloid headlines that include the words "star," "headline," and "famous. Speaking of the kitchen, did someone say "all new everything?

They're going to need all the caffeine jolts they can get for the competitions that are in store this season.

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Another "first" will have each of the Houseguests sleeping in their own beds. That's right.

Each Houseguest gets a bed of their own. No sharing this season!


Big Brother House/Philippines

Wait, is that a car on the wall? A classic Hollywood car will greet the Houseguests, with a detailed replica of a Porsche Spyder hanging from the wall of the bedroom hallway. In fact, the car was custom-built for the show! Currently, the engine and all mechanical gear have been removed. Once the show is over, the car body will be returned to its creator and turned into an actual car. Take a look at the first of three bedrooms—the Blue Lavish Room. This season, all the bedrooms will reflect the Hollywood Hills theme that is fitting for a cast so famous.


This blue bedroom looks like the inside of a celebrity closet with floor-to-ceiling closets, satin hangers, diamonds, and shoes. Roll out the red carpet to this room.

Big Brother Australia 2014 - House Tour

But where is Celebrity Big Brother filmed? Despite the new makeover, the CBB house is still the same one as before, located in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

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  • Both the standard and celeb versions are filmed in the same dwelling. The large compound in which the house is positioned right next door to where the original Star Wars was filmed.

    The surprising location of the Big Brother house REVEALED | Daily Mail Online

    However, it's not always been in Borehamwood; the original house was located in Bow, London - near the 3 Mills Studios - but was moved in This Morning. Strictly Come Dancing. Your privacy is important to us. We want to better help you understand how and why we use your data.