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All records maintained by state or local government can be accessed and copied by the public. The aim is to promote transparency and to safeguard government accountability.

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Mon - Fri. Last Name:. How do New Hampshire Courts work?

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Civil Cases and Small Claims There are a number of differences between civil cases and small claims cases in the state of New Hampshire. Appeals and court limits There are also differences between the appeals process and court limits in civil and small claims courts.

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You may also view the court's electronic case files free of charge at the public terminals in the clerk's office. Through GovInfo, you can search, browse, and download documents and publications.

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This feature allows you to search and browse judicial opinions issued by the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire. Civil cases filed before June 1, , and criminal cases filed before January 1, , are maintained in paper case files. The purpose of that provision is to make civil remedies readily available and to guard against arbitrary denial of access to the courts.

It is an equal protection clause because, whether you are suing someone or being sued, you want to have your case resolved as soon as possible. Concord District Court, which is a three-judge court, is now operating with one full-time judge.

Due to the reduction in personnel a form letter went out this summer canceling all civil trials. Small claims cases were all cancelled in the Manchester District Court this summer for an indefinite period. As of June 30, it had nearly case files with pieces of mail that had yet to be docketed in the court record, with some documents dating back to March.

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Another trial and hearing notices had not been sent out and more than files contained court orders that had not been issued. And Hillsborough County just announced:. After 1 p.

As of today, the Merrimack County Superior Court, which had been closed down since last August on weekday afternoons to work on reducing the case backlog, will be open for a full day on Fridays. Several other court locations statewide, faced with backlogs and staff shortages, also have limited public operating hours to allow uninterrupted time for employees to process cases.