Search and seizure of teenager cars

If you pull over, the cop might not find your contraband and if he or she does, you've got all kinds of legal defenses based on the Fourth Amendment's ban on illegal search and seizure.

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If you run — with the exception of places with police departments with "no chase" policies, like Washington DC — and you get caught, you're sunk and they will search every inch of that car and find the drugs. Also, you could die. Mason writes the US Supreme Court "recently held that the Fourth Amendment permits the use of deadly force to terminate high-speed chases. Justices "watched the dashboard camera video and pronounced the response reasonable. Saying "I don't know" is a good choice if you're looking to fight the ticket or charge.

Vehicle Search and Seizure Laws Basics

It's also a good line if you've got drugs hidden in your car and think the officer might find them. The ruling in the Ohio case is significant because it is one of the first to challenge the legality of the seizures of vehicles being conducted by agents with the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security. The business has grown because newly purchased Porches, Range Rovers, BMWs and Mercedes can be resold to wealthy buyers in foreign countries for as much as three times the sticker price in the United States, especially for models that are in demand.

Federal authorities suspect some of the money being used by companies in America to purchase cars is coming from foreign buyers looking to launder money.

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Schneiderman , is looking into claims that some car salesmen in New York and New Jersey took kickbacks in return for selling luxury cars to export companies. Federal authorities briefed on the matter but not authorized to discuss the situation said the effort was not being coordinated by the Justice Department and was more the case of individual jurisdictions going after a business activity that appeared questionable. Advocates for the automotive export companies have claimed that the federal government is responding to complaints from the auto manufacturers who are looking to defend their turf.

Vehicular Searches

If an offender does not comply with the immobilization requirement, he or she might:. Immobilization is required if the "defendant is the owner, co-owner, lessee, or co-lessee of the vehicle operated during the violation. If the defendant does not have an ownership interest in the vehicle, immobilization is permitted if the "owner, co-owner, lessee, or co-lessee knowingly allowed" the offender to operate the vehicle when the driver was drunk or drugged, or when the offender's driver license was suspended, revoked, or denied, or when the offender had never applied for a driver license.

This provision applies even if the offender is not convicted.

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Secretary of State files are updated when a court notifies us that it has ordered immobilization. If a police officer stops a driver, he or she can determine through the Law Enforcement Information Network if the vehicle is subject to immobilization. If it is, the officer must impound the vehicle and notify the court. The court will then decide what to do with the vehicle. Any violation that occurs while the person's driver license is suspended, revoked, or denied. An actual conviction for driving while the person's license is suspended, revoked, or denied is not required for immobilization in the following situations:.

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  • An offender whose vehicle is immobilized may sell the vehicle during the period of immobilization.