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Despite the fact that the vast majority of sex offenses are perpetrated by people without a prior sex-crime conviction , over , Americans are now barred from jobs and zoned out of entire cities through housing restrictions.

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Like this article? If you wish to support our work of reporting on drug use, drug policy and human rights, please donate using the button below. Rory is the founder of Foglight Strategies, a campaign research services firm for forward-thinking prosecutors nationwide. Rory is a licensed Minnesota attorney. The purpose of Does II is to apply that earlier decision to all Michigan registrants. See Does v.

Lawsuit threatens to end the Michigan Sex Offender Registry

Snyder , F. The district court has issued two important orders so far. First, in September , the district Court granted class certification, meaning that any rulings in the case will apply not just to the six individual people who brought the case, but to other registrants whose situation is similar.

The Court certified a primary class which includes all Michigan registrants. Second, on May 23, , the Court issued a declaratory judgment that SORA is punishment, and that the and amendments cannot be retroactively applied. The Court gave the legislature 90 days, or until August 21, , to pass a new law. If the legislature does not fix the constitutional problems with the law, the Court could enter an injunction barring enforcement of parts or all of SORA against many registrants until the legislature does act. Michigan law makers should take a hard look at SORA. If you are willing to share your story with legislators or the media, please contact the ACLU.

We encourage you to discuss the need for SORA reform with your elected state representatives. We recommend that all registrants stay SORA-compliant while we work with the legislature to pass a new law. It is not yet entirely clear how Michigan state courts will apply the appellate and district court decisions in Does I and Does II. We strongly recommend full compliance to avoid criminal charges or other consequences.

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Individuals who are charged with criminal SORA violations e. If you are charged with a SORA violation you should seek qualified defense counsel or ask for appointed counsel if you cannot afford an attorney.

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The Does II litigation team cannot advise you in your individual case. Registrants who are on parole or probation should follow all parole and probation orders related to their sex offender registration. Therefore, people whose offenses pre-dated the amendments or the amendments cannot be forced to comply with parts of the law that were passed later. This claim only applies to people whose offenses occurred before those amendments. The district court in Does I said that you cannot be held strictly liable for violating SORA; you have to intend to violate the law to be prosecuted.

A class action allows the court to decide those claims for everyone at once. In Does II , there are six individual class representatives who are bringing the case on behalf of all registrants. This is in contrast to Does I , which was brought only on behalf of individual plaintiffs. Does II also has an ex post facto subclass which includes people who are or will be on the registry for offenses committed before the amendments were added to SORA. That decision determines whether only the named plaintiffs can bring the case, or whether the decision will apply to everyone in the proposed class.

Does II has been certified as a class action. You do not need to do anything to become part of the class. It does not challenge registries in other states, each of which has its own separate and distinct SORA statute. Therefore, for some people living in other states who have Michigan convictions, this lawsuit could affect their SORA obligations.

Does II is designed to address many of the most serious burdens currently placed on registrants. If the legislature passes a new better law, or if the lawsuit is successful, most or all registrants will benefit. For example, because the research on registries shows that long registration terms are pointless, we hope that any comprehensive evidence-based registry reform will result in significant changes in registration terms. Some people may not be required to register at all and registration terms for many people could become much shorter. Consequently, it is imperative to do everything possible to avoid having your name on the sex offenders list, because it can be accessed by employers, neighbors, and clients.

It can be an automatic disqualification for some people in important areas like employment opportunities, loan applications, and positions of community standing. A person who is convicted of a listed offense after October 1, , must register before sentencing.

Michigan Sex Offenders Smiling About New Law

The probation agent or the family division of circuit court will give the person the registration form after he or she is convicted. They will also explain that the person has a duty to register and the probation agent will accept the completed registration form. This is very important, because the court will not issue a sentence, enter an order, or assign a person to youthful trainee status until the registration is complete and it is forwarded to the state police department in accordance with MCL The tier system is essentially a ranking of the severity of the various sex crimes with tier three being the most serious and tier one less serious.

The different tiers all have similar monitoring and reporting requirements. However, for someone who checks the online database, it will demonstrate to the person the seriousness of the offense, and potentially how dangerous the person could be. In addition to the tier of the offense the specific conviction information is viewable as well.

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It only applies in very limited circumstances, but it is worth knowing about especially if it may apply to your case. The exception involves a violation of MCL To claim the exception the following circumstances must be proven at a hearing. First, that the other person consented to the conduct that constituted the violation. Second, that the individual claiming the exception was not more than four years older than the other person.

Otherwise, the exception may also be claimed if all of the following three elements can be proved at a hearing. That the other person consented to the conduct that was the subject of the violation.

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Second, that the other person was either 16 or 17 at the time of the violation. Finally, the other person was not under the custodial authority of the individual claiming the exception at the time the violation occurred. This means that the other person could not be living under the same roof at the time of the violation. There is a very similar exception for gross indecency violations when there was gross indecency between men, women, or men and women involving a minor at least 13 but less than 18 years of age.

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To prove this exception applies, it is necessary to demonstrate that the person claiming the exception was not more than 4 years older than the other person, and the other person consented to the conduct and was at least 13 years of age, but less than 16 years of age.