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It will more than likely have to go through the court system and there is no way we can predict how much time it will take. My daughter was adopted and given her name through the court in her country of origin. When I read opted her in the court she asked for a middle name consistent with the country from which she came so we did that. Her birth certificate now has a different name than her social security or passport. Needless to say this is cause problems and she wants to go back and have the birth certificate changed to look like the passport and social security card.

How does she do that t.

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Hello Deb. In order to have her birth certificate match her passport and SS card, your daughter will more than likely need to go through the court system to request a legal change to the document. What form of information can I provide by making a trip directly to their office to get this situated? I only have a school copy of my BC, original permit, tax forms, medical records when I gave birth to my son, both of my parents left me when I was a year old. Please help any advice you give would be helpful. Hello Tina.

We are sorry to hear about your frustrations. The requirements for correcting information on a birth certificate may vary from state to state. In order to amend or correct a birth certificate, you will need to contact the vital records agency that issued the certificate originally and find out their procedures for making the correction. Hi, I have a question.

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My husband ex girlfriend lied to him about being pregnant with his baby and he signed the papers giving his last name to the baby. A year after that he requested a DNA since baby Mom was asking for more money. The mother never changed it and still today 10 years later is Registered in school and every where else With his last name. What can be done about that? Where can it be reported? The mom is not planning on doing anything about it even if the court ordered it.

Thank you for your question Janet. While we are not able to provide legal advice, it sounds like your husband may need to have an attorney review the situation. Generally speaking, as long as the change is being requested by one or more of the parent s listed on the birth certificate, the vital record office issuing the certificate can provide the requirements for making an appropriate change to a birth certificate. It is best to contact the issuing agency directly, as they can provide their specific regulations and instructions for such a change.

I have an incorrect spelling in my first name on my birth certificate issued in Puerto Rico. I want to get a passport and realize this may be a problem. Hello Aida.

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We suggest you contact the Puerto Rico Department of Health to for more information about the steps you will need to take to correct the misspelling on your birth certificate. They should be able to tell you if it can be done Stateside or not. Hello Michelle.

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My first name is AnneMarie, however, on my birth certificate my father incorrectly put Anne as 1st name with a space,therefore it was assumed Marie as my middle name. Do I need a legal name change to make sure my important documents social security,drivers license,etc use AnneMarie as my 1st name and not Anne?

My marriage license has my 1st name as Anne-Marie.

Hello AnneMarie. We suggest you contact the vital records agency that issued your birth certificate originally to find out if the will require a legal name change to make the correction to your birth certificate. Best wishes! Hello Jill. It is possible that your son may be able to amend his surname on his birth certificate. Since the rules for amending a birth certificate may vary from state to state, he may have to petition the court for a legal name change.

I legally change my last name back in I want to add my new last name Miliano on to her certificate. Will it be possible? The requirements for amending a vital record can vary from vital record agency to vital record agency. He was born in December 2, I married his mother in Hoping for your immediate and positive response.

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Hello Jozel. Requirements for changing information on a birth certificate may vary from agency to agency. Hello, When my daughter received my grandsons birth certificate we noticed there was a mistake. It only shows his fathers date of birth and state where he was born. His first and last name are missing. My grandson was born in California in Do you know what steps we take to have them correct this? Hello Maritza. For more information about amending a California birth certificate, you can click here to visit the website for the California Department of Public Healt h.

Hope this helps. How do I get one without being in the U.

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S at the moment. Hello Harriet. The only thing we can suggest is for you to contact the court system referenced by the vital records office in Atlanta to determine if you can submit your petition remotely or not. Best wishes in finding a resolution. I have had 2 passports, state issued drivers license, marriage license, diplomas, divorce decree and social security card with the name Angela S. I did marry and change my name to my then husband.

Ca I amend my 1st and middle name I spelled the middle with an A instead of an o in it in time to make the wedding? Hello Angela. Unfortunately, your question is not one we can answer. Each vital records agency may have different requirements for amending a birth certificate as well as different processing times to complete the order. Since you want to change your name, it may even require a petition to thew court for a legal name change.

http://bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/almoster-speed-dating-opiniones.php We suggest you try again to contact the vital records agency that issued your original birth certificate. We wish you the best in finding a quick resolution to this problem. I have a situation where my birth certificate has me as Israel Jay,and my Social Security card has me as Jay,which I tend to go by. Can I just file my legal papers under Jay?? Hello Jay. More than likely, this discrepancy may causes problems for you in the future. We suggest you look into amending your birth certificate so it matches the rest of your documentation.

In order to do so, you will need to contact the vital records agency that originally issued your birth certificate. What exactly can i do with my amended birth record? I recently had my birth certificate amended due to a spelling error now my question is i recieved two papers my original birth certificate and a certified copy of my amended birth certificate with all the information i wrote to correct a spelling error in my name.